Frozen LCA Bushing & Bolt Replacment Kit

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Commonly stock bushings become permanently attached to the factory bolt due to poor designing from factory. The metal sleeve inside the factory bushing can rust its self onto the factory bolt. This causes the sleeve to break loose from the rubber bushing. When you put an impact gun on the bolt head and it only spins inside the bushing, this is typically your issue. We recommend heating the bolt up or using an air hammer on the rubber bushing to remove the frozen bolt. This kit completely replaces your old bushing and provides a new mopar bolt and nut.

PLEASE do not forget to put anti-seize on your new bolt to stop this issue from reoccurring at a later date. 

Included in our kit is

1 Moog LCA bushing. 

1 Mopar replacement bolt and nut

1 1oz Tube of Anti-seize