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Notrailrated- Bilstein 4" WK Lift Kit

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Spring Rate
Adjustable Track Bar

This is the most affordable 4" lift kit on the market. Depending on your application and expectations, you may need to add more components on your vehicle. 

Included in this kit: 2- Bilstein Ride Adjustable Front Struts, 2- Front OME Springs, 2-Bilstein 4" Rear Shocks, 2- Rear OME  Springs, 2- Rear 2" Spacers

Add on our Chromoly adjustable rear track bar. This allows you to adjust your rear axle back to he center of your jeep. If you keep the stock track bar your rear axle will be shifted to the right. 

Add off-road UCAs for a safer and more reliable ride. Stock ball joints are a common fail point. Lifting your Jeep increases the angle on your ball joints putting more stress on them and increasing wear. 

MD = MEDIUM LOAD (Plus 0-90LBS) HD = HEAVY LOAD ( Plus 90-200LBS)

HD springs are for those who have heavier engines such as the 5.7/ 3.0 or for those who may want to add a winch or steel front bumper to their Jeep. HD springs allow for less sag with extra weight or when towing.